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When the big day finally comes, it is only justice that the Bride & Groom show their bridal party how thankful they are. For the bride, her bridesmaids are her go-tos. They deal with all the excitment as well as all the stress that occurs during the planning process and special day.

Here are some of our favorite gifts to say thank you to all those lovely bridesmaids:

1. Monogram Tote Bags: : We all know that on Wedding Day, everyone is planning to pack their lives in bag and take it with them to get ready for the event. Why not give your bridesmaids a bag that will fit all of their goodies and one that they can reuse time and time again. By monograming each tote bag, the gift immediately becomes more personal!

2. Personalized HangersThese are perfect for the bride that wants to personalize a gift for her girls but does not have a whole lot left in her budget. The hangers can be used the day of to hold onto those gorgeous bridesmaid dresses and when the event is over, the girls can use them to hold their favorite item in their closet. Each time they are starring at their closet, deciding what to wear that day, they will definitely think of you!

3. Bath and Body Works Bridal Party Kit: Smelling good and looking good is a huge part of the wedding day. Prep your bridesmaids and spoil them with a deliciously smelling body wash, shampoo and conditioner set. It is a gift that they will certainly use time and time again.

4. Personalized Robes: Again, personalized robes are another fantastic idea for the bridesmaids. It makes getting ready on the big day more fun and allows the girls to feel glamourous and chic. It is a gift that is perfect for all ages! Plus, matching bridal party robes look amazing in pictures.

5. Knot Bracelet: “Thank you for helping us tie the knot” is a big trend in bridal gift ideas. By gifting your bridesmaids a bracelet or ring featuring a knot, it is something they can wear everyday and recall all the memories. It screams wedding without actually “screaming” wedding which is something that we love!

6. Makeup Kit: A makeup kit is a great idea if your bridal party is doing their own makeup on the special day. You can add all the goodies they will need on the special day such as eye shadow, lipstick and even a few brushes. The price of this gift is also dependent on how much you are willing to spend. You can find amazing products at the drugstore, you can opt for high end makeup or even do a little bit of both.

As you can see, we’re a huge fan of personalizing gifts but what better way to acknowledge each individual bridesmaid versus all of them as a whole?!

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