Bride Tribe! Who makes the cut?

After the big engagement, wedding decisions and details are made left and right. However one of the most important choices a bride will make is choosing which group a girls will stick by her side through the entire thing.

Lets Talk Numbers- The number of bridesmaids is completely up to the bride and groom. Typically formal weddings, with up to or more than 150 guests, have 6-10 bridesmaids, 6-10 groosmen and of course the flower girl and ring bearer. As you decrease the size of the wedding, the bridal party number also tends to decrease. Semi-formal weddings usually consist of 4-6 bridesmaids, casuals weddings sometimes are just the maid of honor and best mand and second weddings often have no bridal party at all! That being said, it is all up to you and want you feel is right.

The Selection-First thing we suggest doing is writing down a list of everyone you could possibly think of being a potential bridesmaid. This makes things much easier to narrow  down and visualize.
Sisters of the bride and groom are usually a shoe-ins, unless the groom specifically asks you not to include them. At the end of the day, these girls are your sisters or will be your sister-in-laws so might as well honor them and make them apart of the wedding. If a sibling is too young to be considered a “bridesmaid,” remember that there can always be multiple “junior bridesmaids” or flower girls too!
Now when tackling your list of friends, choose people that simply make you happy and ones that you can trust. We don’t want any drama happening in while you try on wedding gowns or get ready for the big day! The girls who have been by your side for years on end, are definitely ones that should make the cut yet the girls who are a big part of your life at time moment, should also! Everyone in between would be nice but not necessary. Use your judgement and gut instinct to decide.

Other qualities to look for: the funny one, to help lift your spirits when you need it most; the crafty one, to help you perfect all the wedding details; the savy one, to help come up with quick solutions in times of crisis; the effiecient one, to help get all the important tasks done and the organized one to make sure you don’t loose those vows!
There is also an unspoken rule that if you were a bridesmaid at her wedding, she should be one at yours. However this rule only lasts up to five years and if she really isnt someone you picture up there with you then don’t sweat it, theres no obligation!

Still Stuck?A simpler way to think of things… who were the first 6 girls you called when you got engaged? Those should be the ones that stand by you on one of the biggest days of your life.

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