Engagement Photos 101

Just the thought of you and your partner-to-be announcing to everyone that your engaged should give you a burst of excited butterflies.

Engagement photos are the perfect opportunity to take perhaps your first pictures as a couple and get ready to announce to the world your exciting news. These photo ops are becoming increasingly popular and are meant to capture your individual personality as well as your personality as a couple. What you wear is very important as you’re probably limited to a very short number of clothing changes during your shoot, if you get more than two consider yourself lucky! Here are out top tips to making sure you get the perfect pictures.

  • Consider the environment. Before you decide on clothes, you should decide on where exactly you’d like to take your pictures. Also consider the season in which you want to take your pictures – you don’t necessarily have to take them right after the engagement occurs! If it’s in the middle of winter, sweaters are definitely a must!
  • You want to be comfortable. These pictures are for you, but also to share with your friends and family. You’ll be more confident in your pictures and yourself when you wear something that isn’t skin tight but actually comfortable and very much you!
  • Be yourself! If the two of you are more into jeans and a t-shirt, that’s what you should wear! Don’t think you need to wear a certain outfit or pose a certain way, because at the end of the day you want your photos to reflect your personality as best friends and a soon to be married couple!

Enjoy your photo session and hold onto the memories forever!

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