With over 200 million active Instagram accounts and 255 million active Twitter accounts, there is a good chance that many of your wedding guests find themselves using one of the social media platforms daily. A fun way to incorporate your social media savvy guests further into your wedding is creating a hashtag they can use throughout your wedding to collect their favorite memories of your big day. These became a big trend in 2013, and they have grown in popularity and creativity since then.

Using hashtags at your wedding allows for you to get creative in your signage and really reflect your personality as a couple. Chalkboards, like the one above, are a fun way to promote your unique hashtag and add a certain charm to any wedding decorations. You can also put them on your invitations to start to stir the excitement early and at the tables to remind your guests between dances at the reception. Another customizable aspect is the hashtag itself! Have fun and make your hashtag unique to your wedding.  

For example, you might even use your new last name for the first time. While you can use a straightforward hashtag such as your names and the date (#emilyandryan2014), you can also try to get inventive and come up with a play on your name (#goodknight).

Chances are, you won’t be on your phone much on your big day. Using a hashtag at your wedding allows for your guests to capture small, fun moments that the photographer may have missed. You’ll be wrapped up in the special moments shared with your significant other on your wedding day, so seeing your wedding from all other angles the next day online will certainly bring many more smiles and laughs, a kind of online scrapbook.

While some of the pictures using your hashtag may not be the ones you hang in frames around your home, they’re certainly ones you’ll look back on fondly and your guests will certainly cherish these fun memories of their own from your big day.

All images and original sources; as well as more of our favorite ideas can be viewed at: http://www.pinterest.com/DesigningEvent/wedding-signs/

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