Trend Alert: Cutout Cake Toppers

At the sound of the words “cake topper,” most people picture the same, standard figurine.  It’s always that perfect bride and groom smiling from the top of a cake. However, those traditional toppers have been M.I.A this wedding season. Instead, cutout cake toppers have sent those plastic people packing.

You can thank one major source for this trend: Etsy. A bride’s go-to planning sources should be their planner, their made-of-honor, and Etsy. In that order. If you’re not familiar, is an online market for vendors of handcrafted goods. We’re not really sure what brides did before Etsy was created. It’s the one-stop shop for veils, ring holders, banners, cards, and these cutout cake toppers.

Unlike that traditional, cake topper couple, these toppers are easy to personalize. Multiple Etsy vendors create these cutout designs, so there are tons of options. You can get a silly saying like the popular “We did what?” Or, you can pick a simple phrase like “love” or “best day ever.” It’s also very trendy to include your names, initials, or a monogram. 
Most crafters can’t wait to help you personalize your purchase. The black toppers pictured above can be made in almost any color. (We especially love the gold, glitter designs).  

They can also fit any wedding budget! Plastic toppers range from about $15 to $25, and metal toppers are sold from $50 to $60. In other words, you can follow this trend without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!

Visit our Pinterest to view the original sources of the cutout toppers pictured above: This board also has plenty of inspirational cake pins. After all, you’re going to have to pick a cake for under that topper!

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