When is Wedding Season?

There comes a time in your mid twenties to early thirties where everyone around you seems to be getting married. It almost feels like a domino effect. The romantic proposals start taking over your instagram and before you know it, all those wedding invitations are filling up your mailbox. In a panic, you begin to organize yourself. You grab your iCal (or planner, if youre old fashioned like me) and begin marking away dates. You blink! and suddenly, every weekend from May to October is filled. You take a step to realize you’ve officially entered: Wedding Season. 
So why are these months so popular? Well, let us explain..

The beginning months of summer (~May/June) and fall (September/October) tend to have the best weather. Think prime wedding backdrops: Spring flowers are in bloom or Fall foliage is beginning to turn. Also, what bride wouldnt like to avoid hot & humid or frigid & rainy on their special day?! Those temperatures do NOT work with the hair and makeup.

Summer months in between are also attractive because of vacation months for those in school or working in the school system. Simply put, it makes traveling easier for everyone involved. Guests might even choose to extend their staycation/vacations around your wedding as well. But don’t worry for those who aren’t as fortunate to get months off, people are itching to escape the office and will the trip out for weddings regardless!

So whether your a guest or future bride approaching wedding season turn your fears into excitement! Dont get overwhelmed- embrace it! and have fun!

For those interested in booking a Wedding Season 2019 event, youre in luck. Designing Events does have a few weekends available. Contact us at: info@designingevents-us.com for more information!

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